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Green Wall India

Green Walls

Versus Paint

Eco-friendly Paint

Little Vegan Shop

Eco Friendly Consumables

Clode Optoelectronic Co Ltd

Solar Street Lights

Sunsai Nature

Sustainable Alternatives for Single-use Plastic

L & J Holdings

Eco-friendly Alternatives for Single-use Plastic

Ceiba Green Solutions

Eco Friendly Consumables

Bio Fuel Lanka

Renewable Energy Solutions

Eco Envi Lanka

Eco-friendly Packaging Items


Biodegradable Alternatives To Single Use Products

WWS Wasserkraft GmbH

Turbine Construction

Mama D's Artisan Vegan Range

Vegan Food Producer

Gangabada Farm

Agriculture and Farming

Vinuvin Products Pvt Ltd

Chocolates from Natural Ingredients

Jungle Culture

Zero Waste Swaps & Plastic-free Alternatives

GenEon Technologies

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions


Sustainable Agricultural Technology

Better Hut

Natural Consumable Products

Orera Technology

Sustainable Packaging & Daily-use Items

Packaging Lanka

Eco-friendly Packaging


Solar Energy Solutions


Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions