About us

Zureli is the only global, B2B, online marketplace and network specialising in eco-friendly and sustainable products, services and technologies.

Our mission

To connect the world’s green professionals and members within the green building industry to help it reach sustainability goals in a trusted and inclusive environment. When you join Zureli as a member, you get access to products, services, people, news, updates, and insights whilst also being able to share information.

Zureli helps individuals and companies find green building products and services, while also helping product manufacturers and service providers build their reputations and reach new clients. Zureli welcomes all green builders and green building companies, and for both residential and commercial projects. Membership is free of charge. If you would like to list your products and services, please visit the ‘How It Works’ section of our site to learn more about our subscription packages and Sign Up .


Zureli’s goal is to promote the sustainable industry by working to build the largest and most inclusive green resource possible. We prioritise our focus in gathering data through thorough research, client reviews and testimonials and furnish trusted reliable source of industry information. Everyone interested in making this world go green is most welcome to browse or join the community and become an active participant.

Zureli is passionate about finding solutions to the world’s sustainability issues. Our company is not just an advocate of green building practices and technologies. We firmly believer in the ethos of community engagement in accordance with our mission. Zureli always believes in laying the platform for your organization to benefit and reach its goals and objectives Zureli is a free subscription.

Together, let’s help the world go green!