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Eco-friendly Hospitality

At GREEN Hospitality, we are problem solvers. Whether through partnerships, our own projects, or pilots, we are committed to expediting actionable solutions for the hospitality industry to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Story

The story of GREEN Hospitality began in the autumn of 2018, when Soap Cycling, Asia’s first and largest youth-led soap recycling charity, had the idea of creating a globally-focused network to help the hospitality industry correct course. “As an organization working closely with the hospitality industry, we realized that while it is a driver for exponential economic growth, such growth, without a comprehensive industry-wide focus on sustainability, will continue to take a significant toll on the environment and the wellbeing of local communities,” said Justen Li, Chairman of Soap Cycling. “We wanted to help our hotel partners make more informed, sustainability-driven decisions in their business operations, and that’s really how GREEN Hospitality started.”

GREEN Hospitality’s first initiative, the inaugural GREEN Hospitality Conference, was held on 26 April 2019, at the Cordis Hotel, with the support of the Sustainable Development Fund, the HKU Business School, and Foundation for Shared Impact.

After 2 years of creating impact and building a community of sustainability-driven professionals in the hospitality industry, a new social enterprise was established to carry forward the mission of GREEN Hospitality - Pangaia Solutions Limited.


We are dedicated to facilitating connections and promoting dialogues among all related industries in the hospitality sector, which will help businesses achieve their sustainability goals and become the catalysts for change.

Our presence is defined by our members. We are not a single voice for advocacy but an alliance of advocates. We are positioned with a network of individuals and companies that share similar sustainability goals. We believe that achieving those goals is easier when partnering with individuals and companies with similar passions and areas of expertise.

More than anything though, we are problem solvers. Whether through highlighting issues, sharing ideas, or supporting innovative technologies, we are committed to expediting actionable solutions.

We believe in change for the good and knowledgeable and collaborative hospitality industry can be the driver of this change.

Vision & Mission

We see hospitality and tourism as catalysts for sustainability and we are determined to achieve this vision by advancing research, incubating innovations, and fostering activities that enable the industry to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in the interest of the planet, people, and prosperity.

Meaning of GREEN 

GREEN stands for much more than color. This is the mantra that leads us on our journey of making a positive impact on the planet and the people.



Understanding and embracing the concept of sustainability in life and business is an integral part of changing the way we run an organisation.


Challenge ourselves and our status quo regularly through brainstorming and external initiatives. We focus on critical thinking and making change happen by thinking out of the box.

Youth Empowerment

Involve young people by offering skill-development opportunities in the organization to build sustainability and our legacy.


Things we do must make sense; we always need to have a plan and communicate clearly with our stakeholders and within our organisation. Everyone knows what we are doing, why and how we will measure success.

Social Impact

We should always keep our eyes on the impact that we want to create and make sure we are doing it. We shall review our mission and vision and communicate regularly how we are delivering on these through our local and global initiatives such as youth empowerment, promotion of diversity and equal access to industry knowledge and best practices.

In everything we do, we should always keep our eyes on how a particular action brings about the solution. We shall always look for solutions and design all of our products and services to accomplish this.


Everyone should be treated fairly in our organisation. We shall always combat any prejudice. All our employee evaluations or judgments should be guided by a fair approach and objectives. We adhere to the United Nations’ sustainable development vision on diversity and inclusiveness with a view to leaving no one behind. We engage all stakeholders or businesses that share our vision and are willing to go the extra mile with us.


We promote diversity among our employees, volunteers, interns and stakeholders. We believe that a more diverse group is more creative and creates greater value for the society. The world is interconnected and more so in the travel industry. Actions in one country affect people in other countries. By embedding diversity in our company, we seek to ensure that all possible aspects of our actions and impact are considered.


Eco-friendly Hospitality


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