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Oumph! is here to rock your taste buds with epic, plant-based food. Simple as that. We’re that extra kick you’ve been searching for – that extra something that’ll leave your mouth watering and make you forget your table manners. So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

Oumph! is all about those mouth watering flavours and juicy, recognizable textures that makes your cooking experience as easy as pie. We don’t label ourselves as a vegan brand – we are a food brand called Oumph! Always with bullet proof quality and in any shape you can think of; chunks, balls, mince, strips and burgers to mention a few.

Our products are inspired by the big flavours of the world, all you need to do is heat them up and POOF you’re a master chef. Are you already a natural in the kitchen and like to experiment with your own bold flavours? We also have a range of plain products with the same unique textures where only imagination sets limits. We welcome everyone to the Oumph! World. Even show offs.

We are always 100% plant-based. Our soy is responsibly sourced* so as not to contribute to deforestation. In our factory in Stora Levene on the west side of Sweden, we turn soy, peas and wheat protein into the rockstars of our time.

We are not here to preach or point fingers, but the fact is that we need to change the way we live in order to secure the longevity of this planet. And food can be a solution to a lot.

By stuffing plant-based mouth watering food into as many mouths as possible. Because we are fully convinced that great taste is the key to unlock the needed change in behaviour.  We welcome anyone to join our mission, which is simply done by enjoying some delicious Oumph! kebab or burgers on the sofa.


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