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iRewild seeks to cultivate eco-citizens, to create a more reciprocal relationship between the human psyche, society, and our natural world, in order to foster a thriving and flourishing planet for all its inhabitants.

In an effort to gain a greater understanding of what underlies our disconnect from nature, it is necessary to expand the sources of knowledge creation. We are using a transdisciplinary approach that can extend our understanding and provide rich information to help illuminate the totality of our psychic processes and the root cause. If we can change the way we experience the world, it evolves our personal consciousness, and dissolves boundaries—we experience ourselves as less and less separate from the web of life—restoring well-being not only for ourselves, but also for all life on Earth.

We are driven by two main philosophies: to cultivate the soil of the social field, awakening an ecological consciousness at its root; and to lead with a commitment to asking “What piece can I do?”, and acting on the answer.  On the deepest levels, the root issues — the perceptions, the paradigms, and unconscious influences from which we operate — can have profound effects on the fragility of our planet. Becoming aware of unconscious values, beliefs, motives, and ways of thinking allows us to connect to a deeper realm of awareness, a place of communion, where we are no longer the person we were when it began. We go through a subtle but profound shift that allows our inner knowing to emerge. We begin to see what wants to emerge, together with our own role and journey — a place from which we can address root issues and where future possibilities emerge. 

No one person or business can restore our world’s fragile environment, but we can restore bits and pieces of the environment that are within our reach. Therefore, iRewild is reimagining think tanks, making them Internet-based and accessible for everyone. We bring together non-political, intellectual teams of change-makers, established and emerging, to solve urgent and complex challenges for corporations, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and communities by accelerating breakthrough ideas and future actions that work to sustain a viable world for humanity and all life on Earth. 


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