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iRewild Programs

iRewild programs bring together non-political thought leaders from various disciplines in an inspiring and innovative platform to:

become part of the conversation ensuring frontline expertise,

advance interdisciplinary research in consciousness,

ground our work in the proper context,

maximize the exchange and co-creation of knowledge, 

stimulate innovative ideas,

create solutions, 

deliver the findings into the hands of important stakeholders, 

widen and deepen individuals’ conscious awareness. With greater consciousness, individuals can open pathways to heal the splits between what's conscious and unconscious, bringing them to wholeness within their psyche, society, and the natural world, and consequently,


The iRewild Ecological Consciousness Initiative is working to bring cutting-edge thought and interdisciplinary experts together to shape a system of consciousness and ecological values that represent a part of universal human values. Ecological consciousness has significant implications. Returning attention to our sensory world induces a profound awareness of interdependence; we experience ourselves as less and less separate from the web of life, and we begin to operate from a new consciousness that restores well-being not only to individuals, but also to our planet.


Sustainability is a global issue. How we meet that challenge affects both companies and our world. The iRewild Eco-Capitalism: Conscious Leadership program gathers a diverse group of distinguished leaders and thinkers to identify and develop practices to effectively align capitalism with ecologically-sustainable programs.


How do we reunite the estranged human psyche with the wider natural world through story? 

iRewild is tapping into the creative world of myth-making to better understand: who we are; where do we want to be; and how do we get there. Every life has its own story. Even so, how do we connect to that inner story so that we can reconnect to a larger story — the soul of the world. 

Through story, iRewild is seeking to reimagine a new paradigm, a new set of methods that offer a bridge which people can cross, in order to open their hearts, expand their consciousness, and experience an ecological awareness flowing into it, bringing a more vital and heightened experience of being alive. 


The iRewild Eco-Children Initiative strives to expand children’s awareness to how humans and the Earth are in an interconnected relationship. By developing children’s recognition of this relationship,  the value of gratitude, respect, responsibility, and reciprocity with Earth is rediscovered. They become catalysts of positive change.

If we can change the way we experience the world, it evolves our personal consciousness, and dissolves boundaries — reshaping all of life toward holistic wellbeing and the birth of an ecological consciousness as a more sustainable world emerges. This story sustains the living ecologies of earth. It evolves our ecological consciousness and stewardship. It’s a life of belonging, kinship, and interdependence.


Eco-Psychology is a discipline that seeks to recreate a more reciprocal relationship between the human psyche, society, and the natural world.

The iRewild Eco-Psychology Initiative focuses on creating a forum for multidisciplinary thinkers to re-examine critical issues and offer fresh, deep ideas in an effort to address the duality through which humanity sees itself as separate from, and superior to, our natural world. It facilitates knowledge exchanges and advances strategic thinking to maximize the restoration of our planet and healing of the human psyche.

  • Region: Europe , Asia , Africa , North America , South America , MENA
  • Country: Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hungary , Ireland , Italy , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Spain , Sweden , United Kingdom , China , India , Indonesia , Korea, South , Malaysia , Philippines , Russian Federation , Singapore , Sri Lanka , Thailand , Turkey , Vietnam , Hong Kong , Taiwan , Botswana , Ivory Coast , Kenya , Madagascar , Malawi , Mauritius , Mozambique , Nigeria , Seychelles , South Africa , Tanzania , Zambia , Canada , Costa Rica , Cuba , El Salvador , Jamaica , Mexico , United States , Argentina , Bolivia , Brazil , Chile , Colombia , Ecuador , Peru , Venezuela , Bahrain , Israel , Jordan , Kuwait , Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates , Algeria , Egypt , Estonia , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malta , Slovakia , Slovenia
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