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Incorporated in 1878 as Chas P. Hayleys & Co, Hayleys Fibre is the biggest and premier manufacturer & exporter of coconut fibre related products from Sri Lanka. We have continuously been in the business for the last 140 years.

Hayleys Fibre has 5 manufacturing locations locally & another location in India with ample capacity to serve the customers year round with uninterrupted production. All our locations are equipped with modern technology & state of the art manufacturing facilities thus ensuring a quality supply to our valued customers.


Hayleys PLC, Sri Lanka, a multiple awarded winning blue-chip conglomerate which commenced its commercial operations in 1878 as Chas P. Hayley & Company currently encompasses 12 defined sectors of the enterprise.

Being the first business subsidiary of Hayleys PLC, Hayleys fibre restructured to operate under Hayleys Eco solutions with the diversifications to meet varied requirements. As a world-renowned manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly coir based fibre products, our legacy continues on and today we are exporting over 400 customized coir based fibre products around the world.

Eco solutions represent the coir fibre products sector of Hayleys which in turn is denoted by 3 sub-sectors. Hayleys Fibre is responsible for manufacturing coir based Horticulture, Growing Media, Erosion Control, Bedding products & Mattresses.Floor coverings manufacture, floor/doormats while brushes and broom are manufactured by the brush-ware sub-sector.

We are equipped with our own raw material sourcing facilities to cater any demand.


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