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Bedding - Rubberized Coir

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Bedding - Rubberized Coir

Eco-friendly coir mattresses for a good night's sleep

Coir fibre derived from the coconut husk is a vital component present in a mattresses.

It is basically a natural type of fibre and the specialty that have brought in to popular use are its’ moisture reducing capacity and ventilation providing ability.


Coir is a good ventilator and absorbs heat. Therefore lying on a coir mattresses gives you the feel of cool sensation and complete relaxation.

Our bespoke 100% bio degradable products

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Rubberized Coir

Rubberized Coir is manufactured by processing coconut coir fibre with latex solution. While coir (coconut fibre) by itself does not have any resilience, once processed with latex solution, the coir sheets get resilience and ability to conform.

On a relative scale Rubberized Coir feels much firmer compared to the other alternatives including Latex and Memory foam.

Rubberized Coir Blocks

Coir based mattresses, with its unique features, are a popular choice of mattress across the globe. Coir is naturally a hygroscopic material meaning it has the ability to absorb moisture from the air. Coir mattresses are also highly porous compared to other forms of mattresses which support ventilation.

These features enhance air circulation within the mattress and provide a cooling sensation which is particularly helpful in hot and humid conditions.

Rubberized Coir Sheets

The Rubberized coir sheet, gives the required insulation & flexibility to the spring mattress.

Coir sheet can produce in varying densities from 600 g/m2 upward with thickness 4 – 6 mm upwards to suit customer’s requirements.

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