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Natural Beeswax Candles

Candle-making has long involved the use of beeswax, which burns readily and cleanly. Beeswax candles are superior to other wax candles, because they burn brighter, longer and cleaner.

For thousands of years, beeswax has had a wide variety of applications; it has been found in the tombs of Egypt, in wrecked Viking ships and in Roman ruins. Beeswax never goes bad and can be heated and reused.

Beeswax is also carbon neutral, as the carbon released when the candles are burned was captured by the plants the bees make the beeswax from.

Experience The Luxury of Nature

True luxury means using the most natural and sustainable ingredients.

Carroll&Chan’s candles are handmade from 100% beeswax, made in nature by bees.

Our candles and reed diffusers are inspired by the scents, stories and designs of Asia, and feature original art created by Asian artists.

100% Eco-Firendly

We use plastic free packaging for all our candles and diffusers.


Ian Carroll moved to Hong Kong in 1999 and soon afterwards opened The Candle Company, a candle store in Hong Kong's Central district. Over the years, as he learned more about the toxicity of paraffin candles, Ian started making his own candles. He experimented with different waxes before settling on 100% beeswax, the only natural wax, made by bees. He found it to be the best wax for making candles and loved its slow-burning quality and naturally golden glow. That prompted the launch of the Carroll&Chan brand in 2017, with a commitment to beeswax, Asia-inspired scents, stories and designs, and to eco-centricity.

The brandname is a based on the family's proud east-west heritage. Ian and his wife Liana adopted their two children, Louis and Layla, in Hong Kong. Both children were originally, and coincidentally, surnamed Chan. Combining the names reflects the family's respect for their dual background, and is a mark of the brand's commitment to quality. "When your family name is also your brand name, you want to make everything the absolute best you can," says Ian.

Carroll&Chan's candles and matching reed diffusers are inspired by the scents and stories of Asia. All the candles are handmade in Hong Kong and Amsterdam under Ian's supervision. Liana works with the leading European perfumers who make the fragrances and with the local artists who create the original artwork for each scent. The candles and diffusers are packed in luxury, plastic-free gift boxes. Louis and Layla help to assess the scent samples and occasionally they can be found helping out in the warehouse or the shops.


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