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Recycling Plant

Company profile

BLUBOX Trading was founded with the idea of developing an integrated lamp and flat panel display recycling plant. More than 20,000 hours of engineering and development were invested into bringing a compact plant in a 40ft container to the market. The vision of building a safe, industrial-strength plant that satisfies environmental, occupational health, safety, and resource efficiency standards is what drives our daily business.

In cooperation with MTB Recycling, our engineering team achieved this goal and developed the first fully automatic recycling plant on the market. In 2009, BLUBOX Trading AG sold the first BLUBOX to VEOLIA in Switzerland. The entire technology is integrated in one single 40ft container, which is constantly under negative pressure, therefore enabling hazardous waste to be recycled in a safe, clean, and environmentally friendly way.

With our experience in the fields of environment, recycling, and resource management and together with our network of specialists, we are able to offer engineering services and consulting in the following fields of application:

Treatment of hazardous waste

Developing, planning, and commissioning recycling processes

Optimization of existing processes

Processing of output fractions

Finding the right technology

Our experience of over 20 years in the recycling business makes us the right people to partner you in finding the best solution for your particular needs.