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Renewable disinfectants

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Working with nature

While previous generations of disinfectants and preservative solutions have often relied on synthetic chemical solutions, Biodx has broken the chain of dependency.

We have used a natural citrus extract stabilised with an organic biodegradable compound, which contains no chlorine, ethanol or aldehydes. Non-corrosive and earth-friendly, the formulation, called DECONT-X™, rapidly kills 99.9% of many bacteria species.

at biodx we believe that working with nature can benefit both the earth and your bottom line. So we will never stop working to enable better solutions that enable a better world

The result?

A range of powerful, safe, cost-effective, renewable disinfectants and preservative solutions that work with nature, not against it.

So you can now do good for your business, your people and your planet.

BioDX pioneering natural disinfectants

Substantiated by NRCS and SABS SANS (636, 1853, 1828) certified, DECONT-X™ is formulated into microdx™, vitrodx®, agridx® and indusdx®, which offer revolutionary solutions for the food and beverage industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the agricultural industry and the manufacturing industry respectively.


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