Indusdx® enabling innovation in the manufacturing industry

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Indusdx® enabling innovation in the manufacturing industry

Indusdx® is a disinfectant enhanced by the addition of a natural anti-microbial compound. It has been specifically formulated for use by manufacturers in their own cleaning products, paint and other formulations prone to bacterial contamination.

site of application examples:

 mining slimes, dams, vessels, cooling towers and general manufacturing plant area

disinfection of hard surfaces (walls, floors, counters, work surfaces)

in-can preservative (paints, inks, polymers, adhesives)

antimicrobial additive for products

effluent water treatment

antimicrobial additive for soaps/cleaning chemicals

disinfectant/decontaminant for rinsing tanks, pipelines and valves

microbial control for starch and pulp (paper/starch)

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renewable disinfectants and preservative solutions that work with nature, not against it.
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