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Food-Grade Silicone Material Reusable Cup

Company profile

We are B-Eco a JAYE Company in Malta were its co-founders consist of three sixteen-year-old students that have noticed the growing problem of single-use disposable cups and the growing importance of sustainability. As the world around us moves toward a circular economy, we believe that in the upcoming months we will be able to teach consumers that using a collapsible reusable cup can be fun, convenient and sustainable at the same time.

Being hectic students and always on the go, we love a hot or cold drink but the one problem we all had in common is that normal reusable cups are bulky and heavy to carry around. So we thought what if we provided the market with another solution?

After extensive market research and several discussions, we decided that we would be selling and marketing collapsible reusable cups that are able to fit in one’s pocket. We also wanted consumers to make their cups their own by offering them the opportunity to personalise them. Furthermore, we want to promote our dream of achieving a greener and healthier community to live in by partnering with the NGO Tree 4 U where a portion of our annual profits will be donated to the NGO.

We believe that our passion and motivation to drive us in the coming months, we will not only be able to achieve the dream of running a business but to educate consumers that being eco-friendly is vital for the present and future generations.

As here at B-Eco we believe that “with knowing comes caring and with caring comes change” as Manuel Bustelo once said