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Zurich 4

Designed and manufactured locally, Zurich 4 is the latest generation of Aspect's Zurich workstations, now incorporating a full range of height adjustment options including Fixed Height, Infrequent Adjust, User Adjust and Electric Sit Stand. Zurich 4 is available in straight, 90 degree, 120 degree and kidney shaped desk formats as well as a range of custom shape options.

Zurich 4 advantages:

  • Desks can be linked back to back or placed as stand-alone workpoints providing complete floor planning flexibility.

  • Desks can be swapped between stand-alone and shared subframe easily and cost-effectively over the life of the product.

  • Cable management is expertly handled within the Zurich 4 system, with large capacity trays complemented with ABS plastic cable clips and end caps ensuring cables are not exposed to sharp edges and can be retained tidily.

  • A range of clip-in brackets are available to house softwiring and data requirements.

  • Zurich Adjust workstations will withstand multiple relocations and are guaranteed for 10 years.

  • Easy assembly reduces installation and churn costs over the life of the product.

  • The face of each leg stem has clear markings indicating the height of the desk.

Infrequent User Adjust

Cost effective adjustment system for use where height adjustment is an infrequent event. Height adjustment is a single person operation that can be done while the desk is under full load with an allen key through the desktop.

Frequent User Adjust

The desk height adjustment can be fully operated from a seated position. The system is operated by a polished alloy handle located at the desk edge that folds away when not in use. The handle can be positioned at either end of the desktop. The system is extremely well engineered and offers fast and quiet adjustment.

User Adjust Sit/Stand

Desk height can be adjusted by the user via winder handle at the desk edge providing an ergonomical sit to stand solution. Suitable for shared or hotdesk environmetns. 

Electric Sit/Stand

Zurich 4 desks are available in sit stand format enabling a consistent aesthetic to be maintained throughout the fitout. These can be integrated into Back to Back clusters, or supplied as stand alone desks.

With a 3 stage extension system the Zurich 4 Sit-Stand range can cover over 600mm of rise (from 650-1250mm). Height is adjusted via a push button at the desk edge. A range of controller options are available from simple up/down buttons to digital displays and preset memory functions.

Many international studies have shown significant ergonomic and productivity gains are achieved with sit / stand workstations. Zurich 4 is designed to maximise these gains.