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Company profile
Aspect Furniture is a local company with nearly 40 years’ experience as a designer and manufacturer in the contract office furniture market.
Our commitment and passion is to provide clients with fully resolved inspirational furniture systems that meet requirements of both form and function. In a changing world where many manufacturers have opted to shift production off-shore, Aspect remains committed to local production in Australia and NZ.
Through clever design and world class manufacturing facilities Aspect remains as competitive as ever and can provide clients with the benefits of local manufacture; faster delivery, design flexibility, quality assurance and genuine environmental credentials.

Aspect is internationally renowned for the design and manufacture of commercial furniture, including:

- Workstations and Screens
- Collaborative Seating and Work Settings
- Storage – Fixed and Mobile
- Task and Casual Seating
- Partitioning Systems

Extensive infrastructure throughout Australasia means Aspect can provide multi-nationals with a consistent furniture solution across their Asia Pacific operations.