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Zero-emission Powertrain

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Zero-emission Powertrain

Zero-Emission Solutions for Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Transport

The challenge in the heavy-duty automotive sector is to shorten the time it takes to bring disruptive technology to market – a market that is evolving in line with government policies driving zero-emission targets. Arcola's platform approach means we can significantly reduce the deployment time for zero-emission vehicles and reduce the cost and risk in achieving zero-emission capability.


Arcola Energy manufactures and supplies its own range of zero-emission powertrain products and systems for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators.

Safe, standards compliant hydrogen storage systems for vehicles

Integration-ready fuel cell systems with power electronics and supervisory control

Full tank-to-wheels powertrain solutions

Complete zero-emission vehicles

The Arcola A-Drive Hydrogen Fuel Cell Platform

Based on extensive development and testing across a range of vehicle types,  Arcola's proprietary A-Drive technology platform is a production-ready hydrogen fuel cell powertrain platform that can be adapted and scaled to different heavy-duty vehicles and fleets, reducing both cost and development time.

The A-Drive technology platform is a production-ready platform for applications requiring high-duty cycle capabilities, long distances and fast refuelling. 

The A-Drive offers a powerful drop-in zero-emission replacement for diesel-based powertrains and is scalable for a range of heavy-duty fleets, trucks, municipal operations and public transport applications, including buses and trains.

The A-Drive platform integrates and optimises the performance of all the systems in a fuel cell powertrain: fuel cell, battery, hydrogen storage, power electronics, thermal management, motor and brakes. Each component can be sized and specified for a particular vehicle, and to deliver the performance requirements of the application. In operation, the A-Drive control systems manage all components to ensure safety and to maximise efficiency, reliability and durability. The platform also communicates the data required by drivers and fleet managers to keep vehicles running and costs down.


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