Urban Design

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Urban Design

In the current age of urbanisation, cities face a multitude of pressing challenges - provision of housing and employment, increasingly congested transport systems, ecological uncertainty and the need to compete effectively on a global stage. The design of our cities will be key to addressing these urban challenges.

HASSELL designs and delivers major urban projects, from city-wide design strategies, through detailed master plans and guidelines, to the design of new buildings and public spaces.

At the scale of the city, a neighbourhood or single site, we work to unlock the full design, economic and social potential of a project.

We are particularly focused on urban renewal and regeneration, with our integrated planning and design expertise allowing us to appreciate and assimilate the many dimensions of a project.

Our strategic thinking is supported by rigorous analysis, meaningful collaboration and our experience in the design of places, buildings and open spaces.

We extend this expertise through original research in knowledge, innovation and sustainability – all of which help us achieve our goal to deliver future cities that are robust, culturally rich and economically strong.



  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
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