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Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

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Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Our Organic Cotton Mesh Produce bags are reusable and ideal for zero waste living and plastic free lifestyle. These produce bags can be used for your vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, or bulk shopping at your local grocery stores or nearby farmer’s market.

They can also be used for multiple purpose like storing kids' toys, storing school/office supplies, reusable gift giving bags for your eco conscious friends, travel friendly, carrying and storing your make up, bath accessories, jewelry etc.

Cotton drawstring with a stainless-steel enclosure for added security

Honeycomb Mesh design will allow airflow to keep your produce fresh for a longer time. Each bag includes Tare Weight tags available in both grams and lbs for easy and fast checkout. 

Set Includes:

Large - 12” X 15”

Medium – 11” X 14”

Small – 10” X 12”

Earth friendly, Reusable, 100% Compostable

100% Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified)

Safe and Toxic Free

  • Region: North America
  • Country: United States
Earth friendly, Reusable, 100% Biodegradable
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