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EcoSattva 3R Instant Hand Sanitizer

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EcoSattva 3R Instant Hand Sanitizer

EcoSattva 3R Hand sanitizer is alcohol-based disinfectant for good hand hygiene and for surface sterilization. It helps in killing the germs, removing the dirt, oil residue on the surface and helps in maintaining the hand hygiene and keep away the harmful microbes.

Key Features:

Kills germs instantly, protects the transfer of germs from hands.

Safe on hands, suitable for all types of skin and effective in surface sanitization.

The moisturizers in it helps in protection of skin against skin drying.

No need to wash hands after use.

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
1. Chemical free products 2. Natural Cleaners made of botanical ingredients 3. Safe to user, Ecofriendly, and natural origin 4. Appliance friendly, Suits to modern lifestyle 5. Biodegradable, Safe and kind to Subsoil and Environment
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