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Biogas Compressors

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Biogas Compressors

GGE supplies Sliding Vane Rotary Compressors for Biogas and Natural Gas.The blades, as rotor turns, are forced out against cylindrical wall of the stator by centrifugal force so creating individual cells. The suction takes place through increasing volume ports in stator, discharging through decreasing volumes ports.

Main Features:

  • Positive displacement machine.
  • Fixed speed of rotation.
  • Can meet variable gas demand
  • Can be equipped with over pressure relief valve system
  • Can be equipped with frequency inverter.


  • Unchangeable and high efficiency.
  • Simple and economic maintenance
  • Gas Flow without pulsations
  • Internal protection during compression of biogas.
  • No vibration

  • Type:Exterior
  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance
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