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Banana Fibre And Hibiscus Yarn Placemats Runner Set

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Banana Fibre And Hibiscus Yarn Placemats Runner Set

The Kye Kast range of placemats and runners are purely handwoven and crafted from plant fibres (Agricultural waste).Our weavers are involved in every step of the process - from collecting and preparing harvested banana trunks, to extracting the fibre, twisting using a charkha (if required), dyeing and finally weaving.

It takes us 30 - 35 days from start to finish and this focussed effort is to ensure that we deliver a lifespan guarantee of at least 10 years for our hand loom products.

Our tailors then create the piping (edging) using special techniques.


The Kye Kast dining table decor set is a truly sustainable product:

- Banana fibre is the main raw material and this is collected and processed from local farmers who otherwise treat excess fibres as waste to be burnt

- Banana fibre is used in combination with nylon warp; this ensures that any spilt matter is not retained on the mats. Wet wipig and air drying is good enought To maintain the longevity of the product.

- We use fibre reactive dyes that have certain sustainable advantages: the colors are more or less permanent, the dyes are free of any heavy metals or toxic substances, the waste water (after dyeing) is easily broken down into harmless moleculeS.

Product specifications

Each set contains 6 placemats (measuring 14"x18") and a runner ( either 14'X42" or 14" 70"). 

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
Reusable product
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