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Air Quality Management

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Air Quality Management

Benbow Environmental is able to provide a comprehensive range of services within the fields of air emissions and air quality. This includes measuring emissions and air quality at sites according to Australian Standards, modelling air dispersion and air pollution impacts, developing management programmes and controls, and interpreting the regulations concerning air matters.

A wider description of these services follows below.

Design of ventilation systems

Stack design to prevent health effects on the residential community or odour nuisance

Computer modelling using ‘AUSPLUME’ and 'CALPUFF'

Performance assessment of combustion processes

Environmental Monitoring Programmes

Environmental Auditing

Due Diligence Programmes

Assistance with environmental protection licence applications and annual reporting to regulators

Climatic effects on air emissions

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – building air conditioning/ventilation systems

Measurement of particle size distributions of emissions

Design control measures

  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
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