Zureli Wins at Green World Awards 2021

Zureli, the global search engine for eco-friendly, green and sustainable products and services has been recognized as a Green Ambassador representing Sri Lanka by the London based Green Awards 2021 for having a real and positive impact on the adoption of green technology and services to businesses 

Zureli has over 45,000 green products and services listed in our directory and over 5.1 million have viewed the listings in the directory. It has now become the global search engine for eco-friendly, green and sustainable products and services. 


Green Procurement Solution

At Zureli, we make it so easy to find and implement green solutions, so companies can make an immediate impact towards achieving their objectives. Whether the requirement is to reduce single-use plastics in a hotel or office, harness renewable energy, source green building materials and equipment, achieve zero waste or reduce your carbon emissions, we connect companies with the right solution from our ever-expanding database of more than 45,000 products lines and we add around 400 new companies to our database every month. 

Zureli can help you integrate and partner with your procurement and operations teams to develop customised and dynamic product and supplier listings, featuring key purchasing information that covers areas from geographic relevance, green certifications, minimum order quantities and pricing, to the contact details of suppliers. Our team of expert researchers will work with you to uncover green solutions and empower your team to make the changes required to achieve your sustainability goals. 



To this end Zureli Sri Lanka in collaboration with GIZ Sri Lanka, one of the premier NGOs in Sri Lanka organized a series of webinars to help support the SME’s in the Sri Lankan hospitality sector to Go Green by introducing a number of sustainable products and services. These webinars were focused on the use of environmentally friendly products and services primarily targeting Small & Medium Hotels, Guesthouses and Restaurants. 



Their goal was to help position the SME Hospitality Sector as an eco-tourism destination that addressed Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the individual business that drives new customers to your doorstep. This series of webinars targeted six key issues – Plastic Alternatives & Clean Water SolutionsGreen Property MaintenanceEnergy SolutionsPlant-Based Food & Vertical FarmingWaste Management and Green Marketing. This was one of their most successful programmes in their event calendar.  

So, now is time that you took advantage of this bespoke service for businesses, which we are sure will greatly reduce the time and resources required to locate the sustainable solutions that you and your clients are looking for by bringing in new green ideas and solutions to your attention. 


Zureli – we give you unprecedented access to the world of eco- friendly products and services.  


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January 18, 2022