World’s First Plant-Based Running Shoes- by Reebok

Reebok introduces running shoes made entirely of plant-based materials.

Running is one of those sports that are so easy to practice. All you need is a pair of great shoes, light reflecting outfit (safety first!) and off you go. No memberships, no special equipment- just the track, your shoes and you!



The statistics clearly support this. Running shoes dominate the athletic shoe market, and for a good reason. As more and more people discover the wonders of this sport, the demand increases quite a bit. Since runners should ideally change their running shoes after 300-350 miles, this could easily mean a new pair every year.

When Adidas introduced their recyclable running shoe, I was super excited. It was entirely made of reusable materials, that could be polished up, modified and made into a new shoe. I loved the idea! I mean, who would not want a shoe that lives forever!

Now, however, the competition is on! Here is the new kid on the block that gives Adidas a good run for their money. Meet the Forever Floatride GROW. The new running shoe by Reebok, which is made entirely out of plant-based materials.

The new shoe contains zero plastics. The components of it include castor beans, eucalyptus tree, bloom algae, and natural rubber. All this with absolutely no compromise regarding performance or durability.

Funny thing about runners is that they are all-pro protecting the environment, and advocate this loudly. However, they are not willing to sacrifice comfort, fit and performance levels, just because the shoe has a sustainable aspect to it. This is also why designing the shoes took Reebok roughly three years, but it was all worth it.

Reebok managed to achieve exactly what they set themselves to do. A new, sustainable shoe, which is comfortable, durable, eco-friendly and brings that extra reason to make you want to hit the running track.

Forever Floatride GROW should be available in all sports stores sometime in 2020. I am definitely looking forward to these ones!



By Mila Luleva


August 10, 2020