Transforming a company from black energy to green energy

DONG Energy is becoming Ørsted – love your home

Most of us could stand to make a few changes to our daily habits to better serve the environment.

Very few corporate entities have been leaders in environmental activism – let alone energy companies.

Ørsted, a Danish-based energy company supplying millions of Europeans, has proved that transformation to green energy is a sound business case. Formerly known as DONG, Ørsted now has enabled offshore wind energy to become cheaper than black energy such as coal.

From green transformation to green growth

Henrik Poulsen, our CEO, says:
“2017 will be remembered as the year when offshore wind became cheaper than black energy, as demonstrated by the recent tenders for offshore wind in Germany and the UK. It has never been more clear that it is possible to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. The time is now right for us to change our name to demonstrate that we want to help create such a world.”


Over the past decade, Ørsted have transformed from an energy company based on coal and oil to a global leader in renewable energy. The company has increased earnings considerably, while reducing the use of coal in its power stations and building out new offshore wind farms. Since 2006, carbon emissions have been reduced by 52%, and by 2023, they will have been reduced by 96% compared to 2006.

When will the roll out happen

The roll out of the new name and design across the markets, in which we are present, will take place from 6 November


Credit: Orsted