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It all started as an informal business meeting at a Starbucks in 2020—right before a global pandemic shut the world down. Our three co-founders Scott, Doug and Kristin combined their technical expertise with a shared commitment to crafting a safer and more sustainable future.

Founded on the belief that chemistry and sustainability-driven innovation could transform the construction industry, ZS2 Technologies has since propelled the industry forward with constant innovation, fueled by a latte or nine along the way.

Fast forward to the present and a growing team of talented and passionate individuals and an ever-expanding network of collaborative partners, our 48,000 sq. ft. facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, serves as a manufacturing hub, material science lab, and collaborative office.

The manufacturing center has undergone its third expansion, increasing capacity to deliver projects across North America. Our award-winning R&D team is pioneering carbon capture and waste-to-cement technologies, positioning us as leaders in the climate technology sector. Ground-breaking partnerships have earned us headlines as we collectively reshape the industry’s future.