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Yumi EcoSolutions is building a cleaner, healthier world now and for future generations by replacing petroleum-based plastics with new and revolutionary bio-materials. 

Combining beauty with function to meet everyday needs with plant-based alternatives to keep pollutants out of landfills, oceans and skies. 

Together with our earth conscious consumers, Yumi is leading the development of innovative, state-of-the-art products that contribute to a better, cleaner world for all.



Our Yumi bamboo products (Art+™, Earth+™ and Nature+™) are made from natural bamboo fibers and other organic materials such as rice husks. All of the biologically based materials are certified to be free of GMO materials and safe for use with foods.

The bamboo used for these stylish, colorful and versatile Yumi bamboo products is harvested from farmed bamboo forests and does not affect the food source for pandas. 

These beautiful contemporary bamboo products are made from bamboo wood pieces which remain after making other bamboo consumer products such as chopping boards, flooring and furniture; we repurpose these leftovers which used to be dumped in landfills. 

The ingredient formulas and manufacturing processes are protected by international patents.

All three families of Yumi bamboo products are certified safe for contact with food according to regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration. All our Yumi bamboo products are melamine and petroleum free.


Starch Based Products (Return® Brand)

Return brand starch based products are made with biologically based, environmentally friendly, sustainable and renewable non-GMO plant materials. 

These natural starches are blended with colors and other ingredients to form plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery products. All of our materials are made with proprietary formulas and processes and have the industry leading tolerance for working temperature, strength and resistance to stains, cutting or tearing.

Return brand products are tested to be microwave safe and meet all food contact safety regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration. In addition, these eco products are water and grease resistant as well as crack and cut resistant.

Return brand products are certified to be compostable meeting the European EN 13432 industrial standard, requiring biodegradation of 90% within 90 days. ASTM D6400 the American standard and the criteria for certification by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) requires a less stringent threshold of 60% biodegradation within 180 days.


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