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Xypex Crystalline Technology has been established in Canada since 1969 and Xypex Australia, with the one owner, since 1991. Xypex products are currently distributed to over 80 Countries worldwide. Xypex Australia is committed to enhance the durability and service life of concrete structures by promoting the increased use of Performance-Based Specifications to achieve solutions which meet performance criteria.

Our Xypex consumer loyalty has been built on the foundation of honest, ethical business and solid value. Our commitment to continued testing and research is highlighted by more than 150 independent test reports in regard to the excellent performance of Xypex Modified Concrete exposed to aggressive environmental conditions both in laboratory and on-site. Xypex is dedicated to improve building standards within Australia by employing business development partners promoting the development of Performance-Based Specifications. Considering this, we may well be opening up a choice of solutions to meet the performance criteria that you are seeking. “What we do is proof of what we believe"​ To know more about our vision, and how it can benefit you, please visit our website at www.xypex.com.au. You can also drop us a line (see website for the contact numbers of the respective states) or an email at [email protected]