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There are so many wonderful ways to use your Wrappy. But no matter how you use it, you can be sure to save plastic and aluminum foil and at the same time keep your food fresher for longer. Using Wrappy saves food naturally – instead of trapping moisture and gases in with your food, it creates an environment where that apple or avocado won’t go brown so quickly; where cheese stays fresh longer without the edges drying out quickly and where it simply as stated previously keeps your food fresher for longer.

So not only is it super easy to use, there is also a feel-good factor that will give you pleasure every single time you use your Wrappy or you share it as a gift.

Our story

Wrappy was founded in 2018 by Jorgen and Anne. Already deeply involved in sales of sustainable products in North Europe, Jorgen teamed up with Anne to create another success in the sustainability market. Anne left her career as a teacher, with the support of her husband Poul-Henrik and took on the task of manufacturing Wrappy for the booming market.

Teaming up with the leading distributor GreenGenius for distribution in the Nordic region complemented by sales to distribution partners in Germany, production was quickly scaled to match the large retail customers in Scandinavia and Germany, and ready to serve the most demanding retailers in Europe.




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