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Founded on Earth Day 2013, WooBamboo's initial vision with launching our signature bamboo toothbrush was how to make sure everyday people were involved in fighting for our planet! With millions of people making a small change - Like exchanging a plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one! - global progress toward a greener future is within sight!

In just over 6 years, WooBamboo’s line of unique oral care products encompasses more than 15 eco-friendly products ranging from the original bamboo toothbrush to biodegradable silk floss, and so much more. We can now be found in over 20,000 stores in more than 60 countries spanning the globe. So far, well over SEVEN MILLION plastic toothbrushes have been replaced with bamboo.

WooBamboo is also proudly the world's first Certified Plastic Negative oral care company! Through our partnership with rePurpose Global! What does that mean? That means with our consumers help we are helping to reverse the plastic pollution problem! A portion of every product purchased from WooBamboo goes directly toward funding the removal of plastic waste from high risk environments and waterways all around the world. Now you can keep your smile and your conscious clean! 


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