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Mango Wood Dineware Products

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We are very proud to be an accredited firm officially included in the "Selected List & Exporter Listed" of the Thai government's Department of Export Promotion (DEP), our Exporter List No. 02000022.

Everything we show has been hand-made by craftsmen and women either in our own workshops or in the homes and farms of our workers. We use only exotic local woods, mainly mango wood, monkey wood, teak wood, bamboo and sugarpalm wood.

Our workshop and showroom are located in the Village of Bo Sang, close to the ancient city of Chiangmai, and on the edge of the beautiful mountains, forests and farmland of Northern Thailand. We pay particular attention to every aspect of quality : in careful selection and proper drying of timber, and then in skilled turning, smoothing and finishing. We leave some items plain to show the beauty of the wood-grain, others are naturally dyed, or carved or decorated traditionally with rattan.

We make a wide range of items, in a variety of sizes and styles : vases, pots, boxes, bowls, candle-holders, lampshades, and so on. There is more than we can conveniently show all at once, so do not hesitate to ask about your needs! We pack, document and ship to anywhere in the world.

We hope our products will speak for themselves, but we would also like to tell you that we aim to be friendly, helpful and businesslike in our dealings with our customers who come from all over the world. You can examine our full range, prices and terms of business at your leisure in this extensive Internet catalogue, which is constantly being updating with our newest products, and if you ask for information, samples or a quotation we will do our best to respond quickly.

We very much hope you will give us a change to serve you, as we know your customers will be delighted with our wares.