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Sourced With Care • Made in England

Our ambition is to produce a great tasting British water utilising the world’s most sustainable packaging, made solely of responsibly-sourced, renewable or recycled materials, which is fully recyclable and carbon-neutral.

We’ve always been horrified to see waste plastic and plastic bottles discarded everywhere around our planet and we truly believe there has to be a better way.

So, we had a very simple idea; re-package British spring water into something that’s better for the environment, better for our health and accessible to everyone.

Water in a Box has been created with the aim of encouraging people to change their habits when buying packaged spring water and to opt for cardboard instead.

The carbon footprint of our packaging is significantly lower than that of a PET bottle, glass or aluminium can, and the cap is made from a bio-polymer derived from sugarcane.

Our natural spring water is sourced from underground springs in the Mendip Hills, Somerset flowing directly into our packing site

It is available in Natural, Lemon & Lime, Orange & Peach and Strawberry flavours and is packaged in a recyclable box, which is paper based and made from low carbon, lightweight, naturally renewable materials that are sourced responsibly.

Sure, convenience will always be a thing and thirsty people will still want refreshment on the go but, from an environmental perspective, we remain convinced that there is a massive future for Water in a Box. It genuinely is Better Water for a Better World.


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