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Helping to reduce the world's carbon footprint

WatAir U.K was formed to promote Atmospheric Water Generation Technology within the U.K.

The U.K government have been pushing hard to reduce everyone’s Carbon Footprint in order to help the environment and its sustainability, we have had solar Panels and Wind farms for a number of years now and with electric cars being the only car available to purchase from 2030 we think that Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) can help to further reduce carbon levels, with our range from our entry level House/small office model generating 15 Litres per day to our 10.000 Litres per day model which is capable of supplying water to buildings therefore reducing your company’s overall carbon footprint we believe that we have a model to fit all requirements, for example our 30 Litre model can hold 12.5 Litres of Hot and Cold water with the cold water chilled and the hot water being Coffee/Tea Hot and can generate up to 30 Litres per day, please see the specification of each model to find a suitable model for your environment.


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