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Technology Pioneer in Environmental Remediation.

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Virotec is a privately-owned Australian company, based on the Gold Coast with a team of 12 engineers and scientists, that has sat on both sides of the fence of environmental remediation. Virotec started off life as a miner with gold and silver mines in Northern NSW. In 1999, there were problems with the capacity of one of our tailings dams, with the potential for copper, lead and other heavy metals to spill over into the receiving environment.

We undertook our own research and development with guidance from various academics to remediate these issues using bauxite based technology. The results were so good that we treated the water in the tailings dam, allowing the release of large amounts of water into the environment at cleaner than drinking water standards with the heavy metals fully absorbed into a benign solid complex at the bottom of the dam.

After this success, Virotec subsequently was floated on both the ASX and AIM LSE resulting a significant investment into further R&D, published technical papers and EPA licencing around the world. Virotec returned to private ownership in 2008.

Virotec has subsequently become the “go-to” Company for all forms of mine site contamination, having successfully completed many similar projects to the Texas Silver Mine for leading miners and Government Agencies around the world.

Virotec have developed and/or found a suite of technologies to handle all and any problem in any mining application, no matter how hard. We have a worldwide footprint and international recognition but like our mining history, we understand all of the non-technical issues that confront a client and then financially, technically, environmentally and politically, help them work through those issues.

Virotec’s products and services have gained regulatory approval in the USA, Korea, UK, Italy, Portugal, Laos, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.