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For some, edible straws remain the elusive prize; what is more natural than something that we can chew and swallow after draining a glass, a miracle tool disposed of right through our own digestive system? In recent months, some of these consumable alternatives have surfaced — straws made of cereal – VinaStraws is pround to contribute by studying and producing eco-friendly disposable goods.

Our first step is a cereal straw made from 100% clean sources like rice and other grains, not only to replace traditional straws, but you could also eat without worrying about health or the environment. Now, they are viewed as one of the great threats to the planet. It’s not the straw itself that is bad but the plastic used to make it. In fact, it’s estimated that of the 8m tonnes of plastic dumped in the ocean each year, 4% of that comes from straws