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Vertical Aerospace is launched by Stephen Fitzpatrick, Founder of OVO Energy, with the vision of decarbonising air travel using the best technology from the aviation, energy and automotive industries

THE MOST ADVANCED EVTOL DESIGN - Superior wing vectored design, the only 5 pax aircraft under CAA/EASA certification to have successfully flown multiple prototypes

TALENT ADVANTAGE - Best in class management and technical team hand picked from aerospace and advanced automotive, with 300+ in house engineers

CLEAR PATH TO CERTIFICATION- Focusing on CAA/EASA certification to unlock global reach and the largest addressable market. World class team has already certified and supported 30+ aircraft and propulsion systems

FLEXIBLE DESIGN ARCHITECTURE - Scalability of existing VX4 architecture minimises certification process in order to bring new variants to market

SOPHISTICATED EVTOL ECOSYSTEM - Key strategic partnerships with leading aerospace, technology and engineering firms maximises performance and de-risks production, certification and rapid ability to scale


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