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The VASO product range offers consumers an environmentally friendly solution of high quality, reusable products. Our glass straws are produced in Germany from strong, premium quality glass. The structure and glass quality have been engineered to provide a safe alternative to disposable straws. We also offer a range of high quality bamboo travel cases, designed specifically for our three lengths of straws.

Each of our products and their packaging are created from sustainable materials, that are fully recyclable. Our entire range, from inception to production have been designed to meet our philosophy of delivering eco-friendly, reusable, sustainable and recyclable products that deliver a fantastic experience for the customer, without compromising quality.

VASO are a UK based company with a mission to provide consumers with a reusable solution to disposable drinking straws, that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, recyclable, safe and do not compromise on taste.

Each of our straws has been designed to be strong and safe to use. They are manufactured in Germany from a strong, premium quality glass that contains only natural materials. This makes each straw durable, food safe, recyclable and even dishwasher safe.


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