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Unibaler A/S supplies cardboard balers, balers, waste balers and plastic balers to compact packaging, cardboard, plastics and waste. This means that compacted cardboard, plastic and packaging waste from the baler can be reused, allowing cardboard and plastic to be dealt with in an environmentally correct manner. Using a cardboard baler, waste baler or baler saves a lot of space, as the cardboard, plastic or waste is continuously compacted, thus releasing space. A baler from Unibaler can compact cardboard, waste and plastic by up to 90%.

A cardboard baler from Unibaler also saves time as the baler should always be positioned close to the workstation, so that cardboard, packaging, plastic and waste, etc. can be compressed quickly and easily. All balers from Unibaler can be easily moved around your company’s premises, as all Unibaler balers, cardboard balers and waste balers can be handled with a pallet truck both lengthways and across.

Management of cardboard, plastic, foil, packaging and waste can be performed very simply and safely by using a Unibaler cardboard baler, baler or waste baler. All Unibaler balers offer a higher level of safety than our industry competitors, as Unibaler balers are certified to Performance Level PLr E, which is a somewhat higher level than the required safety level, PLr D.

Compacting cardboard, plastic, foil and waste requires plenty of power, so it is crucial that the compression plate has plenty of strength and stability. This is why Unibaler has gone a step further and installed side guides on both sides of the compression plate. This means that in addition to the piston rod, all Unibaler cardboard balers, balers and waste balers feature two important supports on each side of the compression plate, which are fixed into channels/rails, which help to ensure that the compression plate does not warped under load.

Control is crucial for a cardboard baler, baler or waste baler, so Unibaler does not compromise on quality. All balers have PLC control systems from Schneider Electric, the world leader.

Binding a bale of cardboard, paper, plastic or foil has always posed a challenge. Unibaler has solved this problem with a new binding system which is patent protected (patent pending). The system means that it is no longer necessary to "fish out” the binding band, ending with a loose band after binding the bale. The system ensures a tight band around the bale, while at the same time making it fast and easy to bind the bale, regardless of whether it is cardboard, plastic, paper or other waste.



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