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TwentyFifty™ creates biodegradable, compostable, essentially edible utensils. Compostable Spoons and Forks made of NATURAL GRAINS and water. 

We searched for an alternative to plastic single use plastic and utensils that would be truly compostable and biodegradable not made of bioplastics, which are not really compostable… and not made of wood or bamboo, which require chemical treatments.

What makes TwentyFifty™ special is the unique process we invented to manufacture our utensils…allowing us, together with you, to take plastic #OffTheTable.  

If we start now, we can stop single use plastic by the year 2050. 

What are the utensils made of?

We make our products out of simple, wholesome ingredients - wheat flour, soy flour, corn flour, and water.

Who are we?

TwentyFifty was founded by a bioengineering graduate from the University of California San Diego who developed a patent-pending air flow molding technology to compress natural grain flours. The resulting strong yet pliable material is perfectly suited to grabbing and holding food.

Where are the utensils made?

In our newly built facility in San Diego, California, USA.  We use a custom, automated baking process to create quantities of utensils ready to ship to conscious consumers, natural grocery stores, zero-waste events, and food service establishments that care about reducing plastic waste in our world.    

100% Backyard Compostable

No other utensil can match TwentyFifty's 100% backyard compostability. We have received testimonials and studies from non-profit organizations that have tested our products and shown them to backyard compost in under ten (10) days, which is exactly what you would expect of a plant-based product. No surprises there! 

Eat Your Fork?

While TwentyFifty is made of food grade materials, we do not recommend eating your forks or spoons. They are made to be tough in order to function as utensils. We're content knowing that your fork is nutrifying your garden and that you’ve saved a plastic fork from the landfill. In fact, every TwentyFifty Fork or Spoon provides up to third of its value in organic plant nutrition when it is returned to the soil.

So Simple. Yet So New.

By developing a process that shapes grain floors into utensils strong enough to grab food and hold hot liquids, TwentyFifty hopes to reduce our dependency on single-use plastics, and change the world for the better with each meal.


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