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Swimwear Re-Imagined

Refreshing Swimwear Designs, Expressive ways to wear with confidence!

Est. 2018 sisters Helaina and Chloe thrive to create high-quality swimwear by using regenerated nylon and keeping production close to home in the U.K. Summers spent in Mallorca inspire the collections with blooms of colour and endless summer fun styling your pieces.

The Brand Name

“Tucca” is a childhood nickname of Helaina and we always had it in mind for starting a clothing brand. We wanted this brand to tell our story and for you to share these memories with us to be a part of the lifestyle.

The Start of The Multiway Bikini™

Having studied Textile Design and Photography at University, between us we are both very creative individuals! We are always thinking outside of the box and this is where our vision started for our signature Multiway Bikini™. We aren’t just talking about a reversible style or a strap which can be multiway..we have created an interchangeable bikini top and bottom. This product is great as it takes multiway to the next level and allows you to have so many different looks with just one product, one purchase.

The Print Process

It’s all about the prints! We follow a process of sun prints. A camera-less photography technique loved by Chloe. We expose nature to light-sensitive paper and create one of a kind prints which are transferred onto our sustainable fabrics. This is an experience of nature and demonstrates the organic influence behind Tucca.

The Collections

Each year we launch one Summer collection and continue to sell existing prints and colour ways. Just because the season changes and the year, we do not feel the need to follow fashion standards. Swimwear is timeless. Swimwear does not go out of fashion if the style and prints are executed well!

The Materials 

We are proud partners with Econyl® who have created regenerated nylon. This virgin nylon can be recycled, regenerated and remould again and again. The materials we used are made from old carpets destined for landfills, fishnets from the aquaculture and fish industry as well as ghost nets. It is important to acknowledge the term “ocean waste” being used a lot in the swimwear market and this is where brand transparency comes into place. It is a very small amount of fishnets used in the process which aren’t necessarily taken from the oceans!

The fabric is sourced from Italy and has improved resistance to saltwater, UV light and chlorine, making it last 3 months longer than normal swimwear fabrics.

The Factory

All swimwear is made close to home in London and we are proud to support our economy. The team of manufacturers are small and has an ethical approach focussing on working with brands that have quality products which will last.

The Packaging 

All packaging is recyclable or re-usable. We launched the Tucca Tote to give you a reusable bag which is gifted with every order instead of having a throwaway bag, we are giving you something back to use, another step away from plastic.

The Goal

We are working with various companies to create a circular production system. Our vision is to bring out a swimwear range made from our own fabric scraps and your used Tucca Swimwear which can be recycled over and over. It’s only a matter of time for the advances for this to become a reality.


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