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We're all confronted with issues everyday, and some are easier to ignore than others. Nobody likes seeing food go to waste, but the reality is that it's very common for businesses and households to waste food. However, for us it became clear that something had to be done when we saw perfectly good food being thrown away after a that was just 'too good to go'.

Once the seed of the idea was sown, several tech-savvy entrepreneurs around Europe joined forces and came up with a solution that now seems so simple! An app that lets everyone do their bit to reduce waste, while also getting delicious food and supporting local businesses. The businesses get to reduce their waste and also have potential new customers try out their food. Both contribute to abetter environment. Win-Win-Win!

We know attitudes are hard to change, but this is what we're here to do. And so far, so good! We’ve grown very fast and thanks to our community we’re now the world’s largest surplus food marketplace.



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