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Eco Lanka Consultants is an environmental and social think tank geared towards providing clients with sustainable solutions to facilitate their need to improve performance, outreach and transform their platform to reflect their interest towards green innovation. We, a dedicated team of professional consultants and associates are passionate towards globally advancing the cause for a greener planet through insightful research, detailed evaluation, green marketing and environmentally ethical and wholesome approaches, with profitability is mind.

Our mission is to create a perfectly synchronized team of specialists working towards one goal: ensuring that our clients’ business ventures are profitable while they maintain a sustainable environmentally friendly element. Our goal is to achieve this through offering a varied and innovative list of eco-friendly services rarely offered by one company.
Our list of environmental services and necessities can further any business by catering to the ever-growing demand for greener, more sustainable business practices.
At our core, we aim to make environmental services readily available, easily accessible and above all, hassle free. We, at Eco Lanka Consultants, believe in bridging the gap through innovative thinking and the sharing of knowledge among fellow consultants which is why we lead the way in modernizing and furthering Eco-logical solution in Sri Lanka.
By linking with us, clients have the luxury of their queries and concerns filtered through the minds and expertise of a panel of leading consultants, thus providing them with revolutionary solutions to an environmental conundrum.

To create a locally powered, internationally recognized eco-friendly think-tank of problem solvers to address every environmental concern our clients may have, while based in the profitability of a business venture.


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