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It all began during the Coronavirus Pandemic, where our parent company Mauveworx became one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of PPE Face shields for the NHS. Our Managing Director, James Martin, was all too aware that the necessity to protect the nation quickly, and in large numbers, was resulting in an unfortunate rapid rise in single use plastic waste around the world. This wasn’t sitting easy with us, and the father of 5 who, also frustrated with the amount of plastic toys building up around his home, decided to take matters into his own hands and create a solution to the problem.

Our journey soon began creating toys to build, play and learn from… all striving to be plastic-free! From being designed and manufactured in Dorset to the packaging we carefully consider each step of production in aim of minimizing our environmental impact, ensuring to create a positive impact on the environment through our products, employees and wider community.

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With our eco-conscious values strongly rooted into everything we do, we make sure each of our partners and products have been carefully handpicked to align with our ethos and support our mission in helping the planet, one toy at a time! Ranging from recycled kits where you can turn your household rubbish into games and activities to DIY build your own kits – we are committed to providing fun experiences, which are also kind to the environment.


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