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We are The Green Globe

Introducing The Green Globe: Elevate Your Table with Eco-Friendly Elegance!

Discover the exquisite world of Areca, where sustainability meets sophistication. We are supplier of Areca palm Leaf disposables, our premium palm leaf disposable tableware is designed to elevate your dining experience while making a positive impact on the planet. Areca Leaf Plates are the distinct quality table wares which are the eco-friendliest products from shed leaves by dint of our diligence while conserving Mother Nature. The Areca Palm leaf products possess unique quality which cannot be found in other disposables currently in the market.

These products are 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Compostable, Freezer Safe, Microwave Safe and Water resistant. It also do not react and harmless when it come in contact with food or liquid.

Our Team

Chief Executive and promoter of M/s The Green Globe is Mr. Madana Mohana M, aged 48 a Science Graduate and Mahesh,aged 46 a Science Graduate comes from a traditional business family with business relating to food industry for more than four decades.

Basically interested in preserving Mother Nature, The Green Globe was promoted with a motive to produce and distribute worldwide the eco friendly Areca Leaf products, which will change the habit of using products made out of plastic and nondegradable materials. The Green Globe is a registered company with appropriate Government formalities. We aim to enhance customer experience by introducing 100% Natural areca leaf based tableware with premium quality & reliability at an affordable cost as best 'alternative to single-use plastic' based disposable tableware. We achieve this by using innovative production methods. From making healthy and sustainable choices to reducing plastic waste from the environment. We believe in delivering the best quality products every time to each of our customers. Hence, we produce the premium products using the best quality areca leaf.

Our Process

Our process is simple, sustainable, and focused on delivering the highest quality products for your dining needs.

1. Harvesting

First, mature Areca palm leaves are carefully selected and sustainably harvested. This step ensures that only the best leaves are chosen for our tableware, maintaining the highest quality.

2. Cleaning and Soaking

The selected leaves are thoroughly cleaned and soaked in water, making them more pliable. This process eliminates impurities and prepares the leaves for the crafting phase.

3. Heat Pressing

The soaked leaves are placed into molds and pressed at a high temperature. This step not only shapes the tableware but also sterilizes the product, ensuring it is safe for use.

4. Trimming

Excess edges are trimmed to give the tableware its final form. Our artisans carefully trim each piece to perfection, maintaining uniformity and quality.

5. Quality Testing

At Green Globe, quality is our priority. Each piece undergoes a rigorous quality test to ensure it meets our standards. We check for durability, strength, and any imperfections.

6. Packaging

Once the tableware passes the quality test, it is carefully packaged, ready to be shipped to your doorstep. We use 25 micron shrink wrapping in a bundle of 25 pcs and put silica gel inside to absorb moisture .Outer packaging will be corrugated box which are recyclable.These boxes are of appropriately sized to accommodate the stacks of plates and protect them during transportation.


At Green Globe, we take immense pride in crafting eco-friendly Areca palm leaf tableware. Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and simplicity is embedded in every step of our process. By choosing Green Globe, you're not just buying tableware; you're making a conscious choice for the environment and enhancing your dining experience. Join us in our mission to promote sustainability and embrace the beauty of Areca palm leaf tableware.