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Healthy Work Environments Your office might look clean but how come the number of lost days due to staff sickness is still too high? We have researched this subject exhaustively and discovered that the use of harsh chemicals during the cleaning process along with poor quality cleaning equipment, can prove to be counter-productive. This is because many people, particularly those that suffer from allergies and asthma, can have serious reactions. EcoPro is different because we take that all essential holistic view of your environment hence our strapline - “Creating Healthy Environments”. Essentially, we are health workers. All our cleaners are trained in environmentally-friendly processes and use chemicals scientifically proven to be biodegradable with absolutely no Volatile Organic Compounds. We provide information and training for the staff of our clients on the best recycling methods. We audit our client’s building or office areas to determine where other factors can be addressed to improve the overall ‘health’ of your work environment.


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