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Tanny Enterprises is a one-stop resource for all types of Packaging, Shipping and Boxing supplies.

Our 360° Packaging Process helps to define your product by understanding what’s inside the box, on the box, and outside the box. The approach helps to create a deep understanding not just of the company but also of the market in which the company is operating. By using the packaging for brand messaging, product value proposition and customer engagement, Tanny Enterprises can help you dramatically increase sales and strengthen your overall brand success.

Our History

Back in 1990, our company was founded by Mr. Pradeep Singh Jaggi when our business partners wanted nothing more than business forms and a nice letter head design. We moved rapidly into commercial printing and provided customer design and manufacturing services for brochures, catalogues, direct mailings and finally domestic packaging.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help you build something incredible, a product that catches your customers’ attention from the shelf. If you partner with Tanny Enterprises, you get an industry-leading team with the expertise, innovation and resourcefulness to meet today’s aspirations, while preparing for tomorrow’s needs.