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You haven’t tasted cider until you’ve tasted award-winning SXOLLIE. Made naturally like a wine with Champagne yeast and only your favourite eating apples, grown in the South African sunshine – nothing else. It makes for a decidedly different cider. That’s why we call it xider.

Product Details

No added Sugar

100% Vegan

Gluten Free

Lower in Calories

No Concentrate

No added flavourings

Award Winning


Crafted using only famous, single varietal apples locally sourced from one grower in the Elgin Valley, Western Cape, S.A. Such is our commitment to traceability that we can even tell you the exact orchard and block from where our apples are grown.

SXOLLIE is made in a wine style using Champagne yeasts & stainless steel vats to boost the extraction of apple characteristics and to seal in those juicy extra flavours.

SXOLLIE cares about our suppliers and believes in trade, not aid to boost economic development in South Africa. Working closely with our suppliers we ensure that they adhere to best practice, using not only the best quality apples, but also guaranteeing that SXOLLIE is sourced with social responsibility at its heart!

Our Mission is to show people that  there is an apple beverage  you will love and that there is a cider good enough to replace  your usual  G&T Or wine. 

SXOLLIE is single varietal cider. That means only one type of apple is used per bottle. No mix and match. No confusion. 3 definite tastes, all unique from each other. And better yet, you've already tried them. They're famous apples you know and love. The ones you eat every day. But we've narrowed them down to the top 3 for you. Britain's favourite apples.



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