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Sustainable & Eco friendly dog products. 

Better for the planet, better for your dog; helping to minimise your dogs carbon pawprint. 

As a beagle owner, joining various beagle groups; you quickly realise that this loveable breed is used for most animal experiments (most likely because of their eagerness to eat anything in sight, being small but robust and having loving natures - they are amazing with kids and other dogs!)

This made us seek out many household products, toiletries, make-up and even pet food that was not tested on animals.

Upon working in a zoo, we learnt much about conservation, climate change and the impact that we, individually, and as humans, have on the earth. We want to help protect nature and the species within it.

Bailey also has many health issues, which means that we have had to do a lot of research on what he can/cannot eat and what supplements to give and what to avoid i.e. chemical flea/worming, vaccines etc. This made us realise the importance of giving a clean, natural diet to our dog and preventing giving chemicals as much as we can to help keep him free of toxins. (He still gets vet medication, particularly epilepsy meds, pain meds and we treat for lungworm once a year, we aren’t totally against meds where needed!)


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