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What We Do

Sustainable² is a platform for sustainable sourcing and transparent communication within our exclusive community of green-certified suppliers.

Net-zero your way

Our goal is to connect buyers of sustainable products and services to quality manufacturers and service providers across our network with a focus on green certification. We aim to help businesses source the right products, saving both time and money whilst also aiding in the journey of decarbonisation. 

We help organisations source products sustainably through our online platform. We identify and certify the green credentials of our listed suppliers, so you do not have to. Businesses can save time and money by sourcing products already certified to their corporate standards on Sustainable². We help connect them to businesses who will aid in their carbon footprint reduction, lower energy consumption and use of materials whilst adding value to the products that they purchase. 

Move past greenwashing to make well-informed decisions on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products. Leverage our expertise in implementing sustainable procurement programs. We can help you move towards net-zero. 

Our history

Founded in 2020, Sustainable² was established to bring together innovators, technology providers, procurement professionals, and industry leaders who all share a common interest in closing the loop and bettering the way we do business. All into one simple yet effective platform. We may not have a lot of history, but we plan to make it. 

Our mission

We have found that one of the most significant issues when reducing a business's carbon footprint is the sourcing stage. We are the first cross-sector B2B sustainable product listing platform for OEMs, Tier 1s, and distributors to showcase products. We are a platform for sustainable sourcing and transparent communication. We aim to connect quality buyers of sustainable products to manufacturers and service providers across our network with a focus on green certification.  

Our vision

We are committed to creating the largest community of green-certified sustainable providers sharing the latest ready-for-market products, processes, and solutions to help build more eco-friendly businesses across multiple sectors within our network. 


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