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Sustainable Materials curates and delivers innovative and sustainable interior design materials to decor, furnishing, and construction markets in North America. Widely recognized as the cork experts, the company’s award-winning and multifaceted interior applications prove its exclusive depth of knowledge and deep-dive innovation with the material. With cork as well as other sustainable inputs, Sustainable Materials is the go-to source for breakthroughs in raw material uses, providing versatile and technically advanced products that create stunningly beautiful interior solutions.

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Sustainability materials, to us, are materials and products that are natural (not petroleum based), are either rapidly renewable or contain largely reclaimed components, they have technical attributes which give them valuable properties beyond the aesthetics they provide, and are products that do not off-gas toxic components which are potentially detrimental to either indoor air quality or personal health. We believe sustainable materials should be double-threat products, products that are both desirable to consumers wanting technical value, and those who really care about practicing what they preach from a ‘green’ mindset.

Sustainability in the broader sense encompasses the what, where and how of a product. What is it, and what is in it, and why does it matter? Where does it come from, and what are downstream effects of its’ sourcing on the indigenous people who own or process it (from socio-economic and quality of life, to ensuring the resource is in fact being processed sustainably in the context of availability for future generations)? How does it get to market, how does it affect your space, feeling and health, and how can it lead to greater interest in preserving our environment (from air quality, to individual actions).

Sustainability means different things to different people, and we feel it encompasses a holistic approach to health and environment, and aims to minimize the negative affect materials and products have on both.


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